VIDEO: How To Get Rid Of Spiders

Spider Webs

In this video Lincoln Poulin shows you problem areas around the home and garage that can harbor spiders. See what spots you need to hit when getting rid of spiders around your home and where to vacuum and spray for best results!

5 Differences Between Cluster Flies and House Flies

House Fly

At first, the cluster fly and the house fly appear to have many similarities, but there are actually many differences between the two. There are many differences between cluster flies and house flies. SIZE AND COLOR: Cluster flies are larger than house flies at approximately 7mm long compared to the 3-6mm length of a house … Read more5 Differences Between Cluster Flies and House Flies

Meet The Team: Richard Vilness

Lincoln and Ricky - 2017

Richard Vilness recently celebrated his five-year anniversary with Poulin’s Pest Control! Ricky works at our Saskatoon, Saskatchewan branch as a Heat Technician. Ricky started working with Poulin’s after a friend of his was taking part in a summer school program, he was most interested in the unique aspect of pest control and how the day-to-day … Read moreMeet The Team: Richard Vilness

Tales From The Tech: Stronger Than I Look

tales from the tech

This is an ongoing story that I fear will not have a succinct ending. It has been an ongoing trend since I started my training being paired up with other PMPs. I suppose that being that this is a male-dominated field, and a “gross” or “dirty” job, people are surprised to see a female coming … Read moreTales From The Tech: Stronger Than I Look