How dangerous are mice?

Fall is the season when mice have good reason to seek refuge indoors. While they may appear harmless, these tiny rodents can bring about a host of problems and pose potential dangers to health and your home or business. How dangerous are mice?Here are some of the threats that mice present and what you can … Read more

Where do mice hide in a house?

The sight of a mouse may make you leap onto the nearest chair, or it may make you go, “Aww, how cute!” Wherever your response falls on the ick-to-cute spectrum, you must protect your property and the people in it from the damage and harm these little critters can cause. To keep mice out of … Read more

Where do mice go in winter?

During the warmer months, you may not need to worry much about mice moving into your home. But as the temperatures drop, it’s good to be mindful of how rodents weather the winter elements. Mice don’t hibernate in the cold months; instead, they seek out warm places to shelter and safe spaces to store food. … Read more

6 ways mice get into your home

Mice don’t need much space to get into your home. All it takes is a five-millimetre hole, the diameter of a pencil, for young mice. Although only one or two may enter, you may end up with generations of mice in your house if you don’t act fast. Signs of entry Just because you haven’t … Read more

Three Rodents Around Your Home

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Three common rodents that you may find around your home or business are the deer mouse, the house mouse, and the Norway rat. DEER MOUSE The deer mouse has a bi-coloured appearance: the upper portion of the body and tail is medium to dark-brown, while the underside of the tail, feet and stomach area is … Read more

Not All Traps Are Created Equal

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Trap selection is an important component of any trapping and monitoring program within an integrated pest management program. Improper selection of a trap style can lead to misrepresentation of a true pest numbers in an area. This is due to the fact that pests may: Not be able to enter a trap to be captured … Read more

Test Your Knowledge: House Mouse True or False

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We created this fun quiz so that you can test your knowledge on House Mice! Take the “House Mouse – True or False” test below and compare your answers to the answer key at the bottom of this post. Good luck! Mice are nibblers and feed many times in one day. True False House mice … Read more

Let’s Fight Rats!


To celebrate 2020 being the Chinese year of the rat, we will be posting one blog per month dedicated to rats! Here is June’s blog post, ‘Let’s Fight Rats!’. RATS are more numerous than people in the United States.  They multiply fast: uncontrolled, one pair could produce 350,000,000 rats in three years. RATS eat practically … Read more

Hantavirus Guide: Clean-Up Procedures


The best solution for problems with house mice is exclusion. A mouse can fit through any hole the size of your finger or a pencil. Seal entry holes with ¼ inch hardware cloth, sheet metal or metal wool. Pay particular attention to any hole approximately the diameter of a pencil. In some situations, perimeter trapping … Read more