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Poulin’s Pest Control is western Canada’s oldest and largest pest control company. With offices in Lethbridge, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon, and Winnipeg, we offer pest control service to almost every small town in the western provinces. Our Pest Management Professionals offer quality pest control services for both residential and commercial pest problems.


As a family-owned and managed business, the history of Winnipeg-based Poulin’s Pest Control is as rich in the folklore of the Canadian Prairies as the company’s own slogan is; ‘No Foolin’ with Poulin’ and their vintage ear-worm jingle is deep-rooted and unforgettable to thousands.  

For the past 70 years, Poulin’s Pest Control has become a leader in the Pest Control industry. Poulin’s has earned an outstanding reputation for their work; from ridding Alberta of the disease-carrying rat in the 1950’s, to their always progressing Pest Management Professionals of today. The third largest pest control business on the Canadian landscape is thriving in a virtually recession-proof industry thanks to the ongoing war between man and pest.

In the 1940’s, working out of the family home, Napoleon founded Poulin’s Exterminators (later to be renamed Poulin’s Pest Control) to fight rats and a number of other pests. He incorporated the company in 1946 and opened his first office in Winnipeg. The company’s head office is still located at the original location and had the street name legally changed to Poulin Drive in the late 1990’s.

When the founder of Poulin’s passed away, Napoleon’s only son, Don Poulin, took over leadership of the company. He shared the same vision as his father and believed that people should not have to live with pests. Don ensured that Poulin’s provided the highest quality of pest control services available and became one of the most respected figures in the pest control industry. Don’s vision was for Poulin’s Pest Control to become the largest pest control provider in Western Canada. Don’s oldest son, Lincoln Poulin, followed the family tradition and worked closely with his father to grow the business. Don shared his wisdom through years of experience and Lincoln has become a well-respected industry leader.


As industry leaders, Poulin’s has always believed that pesticides were only a tool in the pest control industry. Adapting to Integrated Pest Management solutions and focusing on non-chemical control options and solutions to people’s pest problems, Poulin’s has become Western Canada’s largest privately-owned pest control company.

Poulin’s Pest Control is an active member of many trade and industry organizations, which allows for relevant marketplace knowledge to be gained and shared across all markets serviced. In addition, Poulin’s actively participates in many industry symposiums and training courses throughout North America.

The Poulin’s commitment to the pest control industry has resulted in our ability to attract and retain the very best staff of Pest Management Professionals. At present, Poulin’s Pest Control has just under 100 Pest Management Professionals performing cutting edge control practices. Poulin’s is currently the 3rd largest privately-owned pest control company in Canada and ranks 47th out of the top 100 pest control companies in North America. (according to PCT Magazine’s 2018 Top Pest Control Company’s List).

Remember… there’s “No foolin’ with Poulin.”

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