What’s Bugging Dad? Happy Father’s Day!

Father's day sign

This past Father’s Day we ran a contest on our Facebook page. We asked our followers to submit stories about a time their fathers, or a father that they know, had to take on the pests! When it comes to taking on the pests there are three types of dads out there: those who will … Read more

Tales From The Tech: The Woman Who Cried Skunk

tales from the tech

We all have certain customers that call us back time and time again to do follow-ups or even just reassure them that their problem is gone. Every week I was getting calls from the same customer, “I have a skunk under my deck!” she would say. I would go out there every week and inspect … Read more

Tales From The Tech: The Roach Whisperer

tales from the tech

I showed up to a cockroach job, that turned out to be double booked. When a job is double booked I don’t have to stay because someone else is already there doing the job and I can go right to my next appointment. I went in to see who was already working, it was one … Read more

Tales From The Tech: The Surprise Spray

tales from the tech

I was called to a raccoon job. This customer said they had a raccoon in their yard for a long time, knocking over their garbage and trampling through their garden. I set and baited one of our Havahart live traps beside the deck in their backyard; they had said that it was burrowing under there. … Read more

Tales From The Tech: Stronger Than I Look

tales from the tech

This is an ongoing story that I fear will not have a succinct ending. It has been an ongoing trend since I started my training being paired up with other PMPs. I suppose that being that this is a male-dominated field, and a “gross” or “dirty” job, people are surprised to see a female coming … Read more

Tales From The Tech: The Naked Man

tales from the tech

I was in charge of training our new technician, who had been working with our company for only about two weeks so far. She had just finished the in-class training program and today was going to be her first day out on a job. She was looking forward to putting what she learned into practice … Read more

Tales From The Tech: The Cockroach Hammock

tales from the tech

This is a story that happened when I was in training. At the time, I had yet to get a properly fitting uniform, so my options were pretty much limited to flood pant level short or much too long. I opted for the latter usually, because when I was wearing my work boots the bottom … Read more