Do bed bugs hibernate in winter?

Bed bugs are nasty critters that can quickly infest your home if not dealt with immediately and thoroughly. You may think that these pests will freeze and die once winter comes. However, that isn’t entirely true. Bed bugs don’t hibernate. However, they can enter a dormant state called diapause if they get cold enough. What … Read more

Are German cockroaches indestructible?

If you’re trying to eradicate cockroaches from your home or business, it may seem as though these creepy crawlies are indestructible. Although they’re highly adaptable, cockroaches do have vulnerabilities. Here’s an overview of what you need to know. Cockroach facts Here are some reasons why it may seem like cockroaches are immortal. 1. They breed … Read more

Where do mice hide in a house?

The sight of a mouse may make you leap onto the nearest chair, or it may make you go, “Aww, how cute!” Wherever your response falls on the ick-to-cute spectrum, you must protect your property and the people in it from the damage and harm these little critters can cause. To keep mice out of … Read more

Where do mice go in winter?

During the warmer months, you may not need to worry much about mice moving into your home. But as the temperatures drop, it’s good to be mindful of how rodents weather the winter elements. Mice don’t hibernate in the cold months; instead, they seek out warm places to shelter and safe spaces to store food. … Read more

Life stages and cycles of bed bugs

Because bed bugs spread so quickly, you must act fast if you discover an infestation. They typically hide and bite when you’re relaxing, so you’re more likely to detect an infestation by the traces they leave behind. To help you recognize these telltale signs, here’s an overview of the bed bug’s life cycle and the … Read more

How to identify bed bugs

If you see tiny traces of black or reddish-brown debris in your bed sheets, you may immediately suspect a bed bug infestation. While you can’t be too cautious, people often mistake other types of minuscule bits for the dreaded bed bug. Flax seeds, crumbs, scabs, lint, fleas, and traces of other bugs such as cockroaches … Read more

3 Strategies for dealing with cockroaches

When you find cockroaches in your home or commercial space, the prospect of hiring a pest management professional may seem daunting. Do you need to use harsh chemicals to eradicate them? Here’s a breakdown of your options to help you make the right choice. 1. Home remedies Some folks fear insecticide chemicals will expose their … Read more