Father Knows Best: Implementing Canada Geese Pest Control Measures for a Happy and Healthy Outdoor Environment

It’s Father’s Day and you’re enjoying the warm June weather outside in nature, the whole family is enjoying itself and everyone is happy. Suddenly, you hear it – the honking. A chill descends over your group as you realize that your fun times are about to end. The Canada geese have arrived and they’re here … Read more

Defending Your Property: Effective Caterpillar Pest Control Solutions for Commercial and Residential Sites

Being a tricky type of pest to deal with, caterpillars can cause a wide range of problems to your commercial or residential location. From raining down onto passersby to the destruction of gardens, these insects can pose risks to your business and your enjoyment of your home. In this blog we are going to explore … Read more

Damp Defense: Effective Moisture-Control Strategies to Prevent Booklice, Springtails, Sowbugs, and Silverfish Infestations

There are two things that many insects look for when they make their ways into homes and businesses in Canada: warmth and moisture. If you have been finding booklice, springtails, sowbugs, silverfish or other types of pests in your property, chances are that you are actually dealing with a moisture problem. What can be done … Read more

Maximizing Your Pest-Free Season: Early Mosquito Control Strategies and Understanding Larviciding

Mosquitoes are annoying pests that live and breed in almost any standing water situation. While they have predators such as fish, frogs, birds, and dragonflies, mosquitoes can still reproduce at an alarming rate: many can reach adulthood within 10 days of hatching, at which point female mosquitoes will begin to bite humans and animals and … Read more

Cockroach extermination: Alternative pest control methods

EcoFriendly Extermination

Cockroach infestations are often effectively treated with pest control methods and chemicals that require people, pets, and other animals to vacate a location for a period of time and can involve extensive preparation before treatment. In situations where people and pets or sensitive equipment cannot be easily moved, there are some alternative methods to spraying. … Read more

How to keep cockroaches out of your kitchen

Cockroaches Kitchen

Cockroaches love kitchens. These pesky insects are drawn to the warmth, moisture, and readily available food sources kitchens provide. The best way to keep cockroaches out of your kitchen is prevention. Here are some practical tips for a roach-free kitchen. 1. Inspect incoming items carefully. Cockroaches like to hide in tight spaces and are often … Read more