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A St. Jean, Manitoba hotel keeper once refused to let his son have a dog. Like most boys, he found a way around the problem by keeping a small puppy hidden away in a grain shed. One morning when he went out for his usual visit, he found his tiny pet had been killed by rats. Unfortunately for the rats, they had outraged a boy named Napoleon Louis Poulin who would later found Poulin’s Pest Control.

When Poulin’s Pest Control was founded in 1946, the rats of Alberta had no idea what was in store for them. Napoleon Poulin studied the habits of rats, bed bugs and cockroaches. Once he knew their habits, he started his own testing of pesticides to control the pests. His methods of control would later help write a piece of Canadian history. His efforts and talents became known across Canada and in 1951 Poulin’s was hired to eliminate all rats in Alberta. The program took 18 months to complete and, in the fall of 1953, Alberta was known as a rat free province.

Poulin’s success of eliminating rats, bed bugs and cockroaches became known throughout the Prairie Provinces. With that reputation, Poulin’s opened up offices in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. By 1955, Napoleon Louis Poulin was known as the man who killed 10 million rats.

Residential Pest Control

Get rid of mice, keep cockroaches out, leave bed bugs behind,
you have a pest problem? We have the solution!

Commercial Pest Control

Pest control services customized to fit your business.
Preventative pest control services to meet all pest related needs.

Pest Management Services

Poulin’s Pest Control offers a wide range of pest control services specialized to your situation in order to help maintain a pest-free zone. Our pest control technicians are thoroughly trained to identify the source of the pest problem including identifying which pest is causing the issue and recommend the best long-term solution for you or your business. Poulin’s always has the most current certifications to ensure the highest quality of service and create better results.

Bed Bug Control

Our Services

Poulin’s uses all of the latest technology to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Whether it is the use of residual insecticides applied to areas where bed bugs are hiding, vacuums to physically remove them or the use of our heat equipment, Poulin’s can eliminate your bed bug problem! Some services may only be available in some city centers. Contact your nearest branch for more details.

Bed Bug Identification & Detection

Bed Bugs are a fast-growing problem. When signs or symptoms of bed bugs appear, it is essential that you call in a Poulin’s professional immediately to inspect the area of concern. We carefully inspect common areas in which bed bugs make their nesting grounds such as box springs, mattresses, head boards and nightstands. In addition, Poulin’s will inspect areas such as baseboards, outlets and additional furniture in the room. After the inspection has been completed, a detailed report will be provided by the Poulin’s pest management professional and if activity is found, further arrangements for treatment can be scheduled immediately.

Bed Bug Prevention

Bed Bugs can occur anywhere, they can infest residences and commercial buildings alike and with the number of reported bed bug cases on the rise, it’s important to take preventative measures to reduce your risk of getting or transferring bed bugs. These are just a few products Poulin’s offers to prevent an infestation:

Bed Bugs can occur anywhere, they can infest residences and commercial buildings alike and with the number of reported bed bug cases on the rise, it’s important to take preventative measures to reduce your risk of getting or transferring bed bugs. These are just a few products Poulin’s offers to prevent an infestation:

  • Mattress and Box Spring Encasements
    Box spring and mattress encasements are by far one of the most effective methods of preventing bed bugs, as they frequently inhabit the crevasses found on box springs and mattress. By sealing off box springs and mattresses, it drastically reduces the space that bed bugs use as their primary nesting grounds. Poulin’s offers box spring and mattress encasements in all sizes.
  • Clear View Bed Bug Monitors
    Roughly the size of a business card, Clear View Bed Bug Monitor is great if you want an effective and discreet form of bed bug detection. Simply slip Clear View in between a mattress and box spring, and check once a week for the most accurate results.
  • Climb Up Insect Interceptors
    Climb Up is a reliable way to detect very light bed bug activity or to monitor dwellings that are more prone to bed bug infestations. Simply pull the piece of furniture you want to monitor from against the wall and slip the leg of the piece into the centre of the device. Check once a week for best results.
Bed Bug Heat Treatments

A chemical-free option is available to eliminate bed bugs. Poulin’s bed bug heat treatments use increased temperatures to eradicate bed bugs. Our staff is well trained in this area to eradicate any size bed bug problem you may have.

Bed Bug Scent Dog

The use of scent dogs is an extremely effective way of locating bed bugs in a variety of locations. Bed bugs can hide inside mattresses and box springs, in baseboards, under carpets, even inside electronics; virtually any area, which makes detecting bed bugs a challenge. Poulin’s bed bug dog is trained to generate faster and more accurate results.

Bird Control

Our Services

Most birds are seen as beautiful to look at, and many are beneficial in eating mosquitoes and other harmful insects. However, birds can often become nuisances. Poulin’s Pest Control can provide the appropriate products which will discourage birds from unwanted locations, or if necessary, can be trapped and relocated to a more suitable area.

Bird Health Hazards

Most birds have very acidic droppings which can deface marble, limestone, painted surface, statues, car finishes, etc. Fresh droppings can cause objectionable odours and slippery surfaces on sidewalks, roads, fire escapes and other areas. Nests can block air vents or present fire hazards. Parasites like mitesfleas and ticks can be carried by birds which can affect the health of your family members, employees or customers.


Mosquito Control

Our Services

Mosquitoes are a nuisance and can sometimes carry harmful diseases; the best way to control mosquitoes is to catch them at the source. For small areas such as yards and gardens, Poulin’s offers a variety of options to control or eliminate mosquitoes.

Mosquito Inspection

Mosquito control begins with an accurate and thorough assessment of the problem.

Poulin’s trained technicians will inspect your yard for breeding sites, which can include standing water, yard waste, such as lawn clippings and leaves, as well as shrubs and other shady areas where mosquitoes tend to attract to.

Mosquito Prevention & Treatment

Prevent entry to structures through proper screening, and exclusion work. Open or broken window screens are perfect locations for mosquitoes to enter your home. Window screens should fit snugly into the frame, and for best results, should be shut during the hours of dusk and dawn.

Fogging or spraying will also aid in a mosquito free area for a period of time.

Rodent Control

Our Services

Poulin’s Pest Control is here to help you with your rodent problem. Whether you have mice, rats, gophers or squirrels, we are here to help you identify and eradicate your problem! We focus on being proactive and look for the issues that support pest survival and will address these with you. After thoroughly inspecting your home, we will show you how to get the pests out, and make sure they stay out! A suitable rodent control program can be customized to suit your specific pest control needs.

Remember, the key to success in eliminating any pest problem is correct identification. If you are unsure of any pest in your home or workplace, please contact one of our offices to speak with a trained pest control professional.

Rodent Identification

Rodents can be tough to get rid of and can cost residents and business owner’s a tremendous amount of time and money in damages. The best option when there are any signs of rodent activity is to call for an inspection. A Poulin’s professional will be able to locate access points in which rodents may be entering, identify the type of rodents you are dealing with, and inform you on the best way to proceed with removing the problem. The 3 common rodents we see in Canada are House MiceNorway Rats and Roof Rats.

Rodent Prevention

The best way to avoid rodent activity is to stop them from coming in. Poulin’s will complete a full inspection of the area to let you know where potential access points are for rodent entry. A Poulin’s Pest Management professional can set up multiple bait stations around the property fence line and the exterior of the residence or commercial building. Poulin’s will also perform regular inspections and services to ensure your facility or home is pest free.

Rodent Treatments

Poulin’s offers a variety of services and products for rodent control in both residential and commercial spaces.

  • Residential Rodent Control
    Rodent baits are an effective way to control rodent problems in your home. With specially designed, tamper-resistant bait stations, you can rest easy that children and pets will not consume or come in contact with any of the bait targeted for rodents. We also offer non-chemical control programs with the use of snap traps and multi catch traps when required.
  • Commercial Rodent Control
    Poulin’s works with you to create a regular service program customized to your business’s rodent control needs. We understand that many business’s follow strict non-chemical control options, especially industries dealing with and manufacturing food products. We offer many options that work with these regulations and to keep your facility rodent free

Insect Control

Our Services

Whether you have antsbed bugsflies or wasps, Poulin’s Pest Control is here to help you with your insect problem!

We look for the issues that support pest survival and address these with you. After thoroughly inspecting your home, we can show you how to get the pests out, and make sure they stay out! An insect control program can be customized just for you!

Ant Infestation Identification

Three types of ants that can be causing an infestation to your home is the Allegheny Mound Ant, Carpenter Ant and Pharaoh Ant. The colony of the Allegheny Mound Ants become active in the spring. Foraging for food begins and they hibernate in the tunnelways of a mound below the soil surface. Workers attack and dismember other insects that the ants can overcome.

Most Carpenter Ants establish their first nests in decaying wood and later expand into solid wood. These ants enter buildings around door and window frames, eaves, plumbing and utility lines and tree branches that come in contact with the building. The small Pharaoh Ant feeds generally on animal or vegetable food, dead insects, small animals, open wounds, shed human skin on bedding, sucrose and IV solutions, sweets and fats.

The Pharaoh Ant typically nests indoors inside electrical conduits, in linen closets, in sterile surgical packets, under flowerpots, within walls of buildings and near water sources.

Wasp Control Services

Wasps are very aggressive insects when the summer moves into August and September. Wasps lose their natural food source, flowers nectar as many plants stop flowering. Wasps then look for high carbohydrate and sugary snacks to feed on. Where do they find them? In your backyard on your deck when you are having a pop or steak or anything that meets their needs. Wasps can sting multiple times as they have no barb on their stinger which can make for a very painful situation.

At Poulin’s we are trained to remove wasp nests during the day when control is much more difficult, but successful. If you need assistance in removing a wasp nest visit any of our stores across western Canada or call us to speak with one of our experts toll-free at 1-888-768-5467.

Silverfish Identification & Control

Sometimes referred to as bristletails, silverfish are widely distributed in the United States and Canada. Silverfish can live for long periods of time. They also molt continuously throughout their life, which may be up to eight years! They can be found almost anywhere in the home and feed on paper, paper with string, wallpaper, book bindings, envelopes, labels, dried out beef products and will even feed on their dead kin. Proper identification is key for determining the best route of control and sanitation practices to remove silverfish from areas of your home. In general, temperature and humidity control or lighting in certain areas will reduce populations. Residual sprays, space sprays, fogs, and aerosols may help eliminate problem infestations.

Remember, the key to success in eliminating any pest problem is correctly identifying your pest. If you are unsure of any insect in your home or workplace, please contact one of our offices to speak with a trained pest control professional.


Wildlife Control

Our Services

Skunks, raccoons, coyotes, squirrels, and a whole host of other species indigenous to Canada have become urban pests. This has happened not because they’ve moved into the territory of human beings, but because humans have moved into their home.

Live Trapping

Each animal has a different set of behaviors, habitats, bait preferences, and trapping techniques that are vital in knowing to have the best success in trapping it. Remember that you may not catch the specific pest that you are trying to and it may take several attempts.

Selecting the right bait to attract your specific pest is key, as the variety of options is almost endless. Chicken, sardines, eggs, bacon, and many vegetables can all be used as attractants to lure wildlife into traps.


Cockroach Control

Our Services

Get the results you deserve with our quality cockroach services, and at an affordable price too! Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and know-how with them on every job. But what really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.

Cockroach Identification

The German Cockroach is a common household insect within the United States and Canada. German Cockroaches are light brown to tan and have fully developed wings. They usually infest in kitchens and bathrooms but will live anywhere there is food and water. They enter your home by being transported by infested bags and cardboard boxes. German Cockroaches may also be harbouring in used appliances such as refrigerators, toasters and microwaves.

Cockroach Health Hazards

Roaches are known to be a public health issue as they are capable of contaminating food, food preparation sites, and various diseases and illnesses. Roaches are implicated with asthmatic issues in children and adults. Roaches have also been implicated with staphylococcus, streptococcus, coliform bacteria, E. coli, salmonella and shigella. It is very important to have a pest management professional to identify and treat cockroach infestations as soon as cockroaches are found in the home. Treatment is done via a very thorough crack and crevasse treatment and it may take several treatments to remove this very dangerous pest from your home.

Fly Control

Our Services

Did you know that there are thousands of different species of flies?

Whether it’s a House Fly, Phorid Fly, Drain Fly or Fruit fly, the key in eliminating the problem is correctly identifying the fly. Let Poulin’s Pest Control be there to assist you. After correctly identifying your pest, we can show you how to effectively control the problem. We will look for the issues that support their survival and address these with you. We can customize a fly control program unique to your home/business’ specific needs.

Remember, if you are unsure of any insect, please contact one of our offices to speak with a trained pest control professional.

Fly Control Light Traps

Fly lights are a cost-efficient way to keep facilities free of flying insects. Flying insects that are attracted to light and the fly traps focus control around that. The specific design of the light traps allows a UV bulb to light attract the flying insects. When they land near the UV bulb, they are caught on the glue board. This is a great option for facilities in the food industry that do not wish to use chemical products. Poulin’s offers many makes and models of fly lights to meet your business’s needs.


Washroom Care

Our Services

Let Poulin’s Pest Control create a unique program for your business. We can help to eliminate unavoidable odours in the washroom and improve cleanliness to ensure an overall satisfacation for your patrons!

AutoClean LED System

Eliminates odours at the source ensuring that toilets and urinals are stainless, odourless and always presentable. Automatically cleans fixture surfaces day and night. Installation is simple. We do not need to shut off the water, and the washroom will only be closed for minutes.

*Each AutoClean LED System is designed to improve the cleanliness and image of any washroom, creating a hygienic environment and ensuring overall satisfaction for your patrons.*

AutoFresh Air Freshner

Eliminates unavoidable odours in the washroom.

Available in a variety of customer preferred fragrances, water- based formulas make the pump refills the perfect environmental solution!

*Don’t just camouflage odours, neutralize them for an optimal washroom experience!*

Feminine Hygiene Bin

Provides a perfect way to handle and dispose of sanitary napkins and associated waste.

Hands free unit is easy to operate.

*Designed for easy cleaning and disinfecting, its sleek model will fit discreetly into the smallest washroom environments*

Maintenance Plans

Instead of only providing an immediate service once a pest problem has occurred and the corresponding damage caused, we offer proactive preventative maintenance plans to ensure long-term pest-free results.

In addition to the standard pest control services such as trapping rodents or eliminating pests, we also offer solutions to other household and commercial building issues. These integrated pest management programs are specially designed for your home or business.

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Customer Reviews

5 Star Review Icon

Professional, Knowledgeable, and Helpful

Use to live at a condo in East Vancouver, where I was being bitten by some unseen creature for many nights. Several neighbours said the building had used Poulin's to rid them of some cockroach infestation years before I lived there. Called Poulin's up and the exterminator was able to identify the pest as bed bugs. He applied the necessary chemicals throughout my unit but the life cycle of the bed bug required two more treatments over a span of several weeks before I was rid of them. Three different exterminators showed up and each of them was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful in explaining how the treatment worked and how to identify the bed bugs breeding locations. Most thankful for their help in ridding of the pests.

Burnaby, BC
5 Star Review Icon

Courteous & Respectful

I have used Poulin's pest control a couple times for ants and wasps. Their team has always been courteous and respectful of my garden. I appreciate how they explain exactly what they are going to do and always let me know if I am not pleased with their work they will return. I would definitely recommend and use their services again.

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Do It Yourself Pest Supplies

Helpful staff when purchasing do it yourself pest supplies and the best exterminators you could hire.

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Kind Approach

I am a retired advisor in the financial field, I have dealt with many people across Canada and the US and want to express my pleasure with the way Poulin’s Pest Control has treated my wife and me. We weren’t treated as perpetrators but as victims, and we really appreciate the kind approach towards us and our efforts to make everything as easy and convenient as possible. Bottom line is – given the choice, we would rather have Poulin’s than the bugs! We have lived in apartments for almost 70 years and have never had any problems with bugs before, this was a first for us and Poulin’s made it very easy to get through, and for that we are very thankful.

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Prompt Service

We received prompt service to remove a wasp nest under our porch. When we discovered that the wasps had entered our home and created a second part of their nest there, Dennis came back and removed it all for no additional charge. Thank you!

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Great Service

We've always had great service from Poulin's Lethbridge. Jeff is easy and pleasant to work with and their technicians are very knowledgeable. Thanks for all you do guys.

Lethbridge, AB
5 Star Review Icon


We had a bad wasp problem, we called and spoke with John he had some one out quickly to deal with it. They were friendly and professional. They took care of the problem so we are now wasp free. I would recommend them for dealing with pest problems.

Edmonton, AB
5 Star Review Icon

Conveniently Located

Hands down best place for all your rodent infestation needs. With a knowledgeable staff to help figure out what ever problems you may have. And conveniently located in the heart of the city.

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Solving the Issue

I contacted a few pest control companies with a potential infestation and Poulin's was the quickest getting back to me. Very knowledgeable and helpful. He walked me through solving the issue on my own with some products in his store which saved me a lot of money.

Lethbridge, AB
5 Star Review Icon

Peace of Mind

Hired Poulin's services to determine if there were animals who had burrowed in a garage. Employee came out and set traps. Then called for next two weeks to follow up as well as he came out 2 more times to check traps. He was very helpful and we were thankful there was no issue with any pests - now we have peace of mind!

Edmonton, AB
5 Star Review Icon

Get the Job Done

Great service at a competitive price Staff are friendly to deal with and they "get the job done." A solution for every pest problem! Treated me great

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Best Service for Your Buck

Excellent service, followed up afterwards to ensure no further bugs left. Staff was very professional and prompt. Also very informative to ensure best service for your buck. Great company.

Edmonton, AB
5 Star Review Icon

Polite and Courteous

We had a terrible case of bed bugs in one of our rental properties a while back. Poulin Pest Control was very polite and courteous and answered to our call very quickly. They were very informative about the entire procedure and I've yet to see another bed bug in that rental property. Extremely professional and great quality pest control in Calgary.

Calgary, AB
5 Star Review Icon

Excellent Experience

Excellent experience! We went to the Calgary Alberta location. There was some confusion with my father in laws ID, so he was having some trouble buying the bulk rat poison. However, they were able to sort it quickly and efficiently! Keep it up guys. Will go back for sure if I ever need to get rid of some critters. 5 stars. Great experience.

Calgary, AB
5 Star Review Icon

Terrific, Very Helpful

Have a "Pocket Gopher" issue out here in Springbank and the little critter is making quite a mess of my backyard. Kim who took my call really knew her stuff, was great to deal with and were able to send a tech out the same day. James (the tech dude) was terrific, very helpful explaining the situation and went on with the job. So far so good, excellent service.

Calgary, AB
5 Star Review Icon

Quick to Act

Company was very helpful when I called and quick to act - they sent a guy down within the hour and I was amazed at the knowledge these guys have and the tricks to catch the smallest thing. Very reasonably priced and well worth it!

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Answered All Questions

Very helpful staff they answered all my questions. They nice lady even stayed open late for me as I was running late. Would recommend to others!!

Vancouver, BC
5 Star Review Icon

Helpful and Friendly

Extremely helpful and friendly.

Regina, SK
5 Star Review Icon


Had issues with various bugs getting into my basement. Called up Poulin's and they sent someone over to inspect it. They quickly found the issue, solved it and have been bug-free ever since. I would definitely be back (hopefully won't need to) if I have any other pest related issues.

Home Owner
Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Affordable Options

Wow, just when I thought I was going to have to spend over 3g to replace everything in my home the lovey woman on the phone told me about the "Big-oven-thingy" lol. It was an affordable option and not to mention the convenience of it! Thank you so much!

Home Owner
Saskatoon, SK
5 Star Review Icon

Excellent Product Variety

Great customer service and excellent product variety.

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Diligent, Thorough & Friendly

Poulin's has been looking after the pest control at our 1,200-sow hog barn since 1994 and have always served us well. To date, we have never received quite the service the new technician is providing for us. He is diligent, thorough and sincerely doing his job, and he is friendly to boot.

Brandon, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Thankful for Poulin’s

I am very satisfied and thankful for Poulin's service. Having bedbug is an extreme stressful experience. The heat treatment is very thorough. The technicians are thoughtful and serious with their task. I highly recommend their service.

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Informative and Helpful

Informative and helpful. Good job Poulins...they helped me get rid of the wasps nest in my back yard.

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Friendly knowledgeable staff if you find an infestation bring a sample they can identify for you and recommend products.

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Extremely Thorough

Cody recently came to my home to deal with a plague of carpenter ants. He was extremely thorough, inspecting both exterior and interior of the house. He explained the source of the problem and dealt with it in very knowledgeable fashion. Efficiency, helpfulness, and a winning personality.

Regina, SK
5 Star Review Icon

Professional Workers

I have always experienced friendly and professional workers. We have used this company for years. They come twice a year to keep the mice outside, feeding them from camouflaged rock bait stations. Haven't had a problem since their initial visit.

Calgary, AB
5 Star Review Icon

Great Prices

Great prices, products and services. Staff always friendly. Helping someone right now get heat treatment of personal items on their site at Poulin's.

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Fountain of Information

Chris is an excellent employee. He did not get frustrated with any of the tenants who were not ready for their treatments. He was especially helpful and knowledgeable with answering questions and was a fountain of information. He was very patient with everyone.

Regina, SK
5 Star Review Icon

Really Care and It Shows

After having 16 pipes chewed through by rats in my house, they did a phenomenal job getting rid of the little buggers. It happened back in November 2013 and they just came by the other day to check up on my attic at no cost. They really care about the job they do and it shows!!

Port Coquitlam, BC
5 Star Review Icon

Very Satisfied

I am very satisfied and thankful for Poulin's service. Having bedbug is an extremely stressful experience. The heat treatment is very thorough. The technicians are thoughtful and serious with their task. I highly recommend their service.

Winnipeg, MB
5 Star Review Icon

Best Stuff

They have the best stuff there! All the products are worth every penny.

Saskatoon, SK
5 Star Review Icon

On-site Facility

A friend needed help taking some beds and other items to Poulin's to get his items treated for bed bugs. They have an onsite facility to treat large items. That is helpful if you ever need to get it done.

Winnipeg, MB

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