What’s Bugging Dad? Happy Father’s Day!

Father's day sign

This past Father’s Day we ran a contest on our Facebook page. We asked our followers to submit stories about a time their fathers, or a father that they know, had to take on the pests! When it comes to taking on the pests there are three types of dads out there: those who will … Read more

Meet The Team: David Lane

Lincoln Poulin and David Lane

One of our greatest successes as a company is that we have many long-term staff members on our team. Our Brandon Branch Manager, David Lane, has been with Poulin’s Pest Control for over 20 years! What keeps him coming back every day after 20 long years? He says the best thing about working for Poulin’s … Read more

Tales From The Tech: The Woman Who Cried Skunk

tales from the tech

We all have certain customers that call us back time and time again to do follow-ups or even just reassure them that their problem is gone. Every week I was getting calls from the same customer, “I have a skunk under my deck!” she would say. I would go out there every week and inspect … Read more

Tales From The Tech: The Roach Whisperer

tales from the tech

I showed up to a cockroach job, that turned out to be double booked. When a job is double booked I don’t have to stay because someone else is already there doing the job and I can go right to my next appointment. I went in to see who was already working, it was one … Read more

Tales From The Tech: The Surprise Spray

tales from the tech

I was called to a raccoon job. This customer said they had a raccoon in their yard for a long time, knocking over their garbage and trampling through their garden. I set and baited one of our Havahart live traps beside the deck in their backyard; they had said that it was burrowing under there. … Read more

Tales From The Tech: Stronger Than I Look

tales from the tech

This is an ongoing story that I fear will not have a succinct ending. It has been an ongoing trend since I started my training being paired up with other PMPs. I suppose that being that this is a male-dominated field, and a “gross” or “dirty” job, people are surprised to see a female coming … Read more

Tales From The Tech: The Naked Man

tales from the tech

I was in charge of training our new technician, who had been working with our company for only about two weeks so far. She had just finished the in-class training program and today was going to be her first day out on a job. She was looking forward to putting what she learned into practice … Read more

Tales From The Tech: The Cockroach Hammock

tales from the tech

This is a story that happened when I was in training. At the time, I had yet to get a properly fitting uniform, so my options were pretty much limited to flood pant level short or much too long. I opted for the latter usually, because when I was wearing my work boots the bottom … Read more