Tales From The Tech: The Roach Whisperer

I showed up to a cockroach job, that turned out to be double booked. When a job is double booked I don’t have to stay because someone else is already there doing the job and I can go right to my next appointment. I went in to see who was already working, it was one of our techs that had been here for years and years. I thought it would be funny to creep up behind him and give him a scare! I walked up slowly, making sure he wouldn’t know I was there… but then I heard him doing something odd. He was clearly talking to someone, but there was no one around. I wondered if he was having a senior moment. Then I saw who he was talking to: “Hey little buddies!” “I see you there!” “Yes, I see you too!” “How are you guys doing today? It’s not going to be good for you now…” “Sorry!” He was talking to the roaches! I stopped in my tracks and backed away slowly. He was clearly having a moment with these roaches and who am I to interrupt? I had a good laugh as I walked back to my truck. I never let him live that one down!

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