Tales From The Tech: The Surprise Spray

I was called to a raccoon job. This customer said they had a raccoon in their yard for a long time, knocking over their garbage and trampling through their garden. I set and baited one of our Havahart live traps beside the deck in their backyard; they had said that it was burrowing under there. As luck would have it, we caught the racoon the next day!

I headed over to the customers property and the trap was gone. The raccoon had managed to drag itself and the trap away from the deck and into the tall grass near the back of their yard. The trap itself was buried in the grass so I couldn’t see what was in side when I approached it.

I picked up the trap and it turned out to be a skunk! This skunk soaked me – at point blank range – head to toe! The smell was so strong it almost made me sick. I had to strip down to my underwear and drive home like that. I took the next two days off work because the smell would not leave!

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