Tales From The Tech: The Flea Magnet

One morning my co-worker, offered me one of his jobs because he was having a busy day. He said it was an easy flea job that shouldn’t take too much time.

The homeowners had a cat with a bad case of fleas. The job was to go in and spray the carpets and furniture, and get at all the cracks and crevices with a residual. What you need to know about fleas is that a female flea can lay about 40 eggs per day, so an infestation can get out of hand fast without proper treatment.

I got to the job site and entered the basement. Unfortunately, I was not aware that the homeowner’s cat had died two weeks earlier. The fleas that I was going to be dealing with were sitting on the ground, starving to death. They are literally waiting for a bloodmeal to arrive… any blood meal! I walked in and thousands of fleas jumped to me like a magnet! When I came out of the basement you couldn’t see the yellow in my shirt, it was COVERED. I pulled up my pant leg and the fleas were all crawling in my leg hairs!

I had to rush home and strip in the yard. I had my neighbours come out and spray my body down with bug spray. When I got back to work the next day, I made sure to personally thank him for the “easy flea job”. He swears he had no idea. This was the worst I have ever experienced.

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