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Tales From The Tech: The Naked Man

I was in charge of training our new technician, who had been working with our company for only about two weeks so far. She had just finished the in-class training program and today was going to be her first day out on a job. She was looking forward to putting what she learned into practice and seeing a real job site. Our first call of the day was to an apartment building in a nice, quiet neighbourhood that was having a problem with bed bugs. I explained the things that she can expect when entering a job site. Sometimes a home can be messy or have no prep work done, sometimes people can be very particular about moving their items or furniture, but I didn’t think that I would have to warn her about this…

We planned to start our inspection in the basement but I needed a door code from the building manager to gain access. I asked my new coworker to get the code while I waited downstairs. A few moments later she came back with a stone-cold look on her face. “Nope.” Was all she said.

I was wondering what the heck happened so I went to investigate… and then I saw it. Right in the middle of the hallway stood a very large, naked man. He turned to face me when he heard me walk up, “Hey.” He said as he continued brushing his teeth, naked, in the hallway…

Well, that’s one way to start out your new job!

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