What’s Bugging Dad? Happy Father’s Day!

This past Father’s Day we ran a contest on our Facebook page. We asked our followers to submit stories about a time their fathers, or a father that they know, had to take on the pests! When it comes to taking on the pests there are three types of dads out there: those who will do a rescue and release, those who will kill any pest in their path, and those who will run away screaming for their lives! We wanted to find out which of the dads out there are “lovers”, “fighters”, or “screamers”.

We had just over 30 stories submitted to our giveaway and our office staff voted for their favorites. It was a tough decision to make, but one winner was crowned! Below are a few of our favorite stories that were submitted to us!

Mike C.

My dad had a showdown with June bugs while camping. He looked like John McEnroe with his electric racket!

Amanda F.

When I was a little girl, we had a mouse in the house and my dad took a butcher knife and in a split second he chopped his head off. hahahaha OMG I laugh about it now but I’m pretty sure my Dad has a different version… hahahaha I was probably bawling my eyes out! Love you Dad!

Daniel L.

Fighter. Armed with a blow torch he took care of a wasp nest under the front step

Danielle D.

Picture this… 1995… You wake up camping to your father at 2am swinging an axe through the air… There’s a moth he says… A huge moth… Common Dad… Time for bed. Wake up and there was an axe murdered HUGE moth like creature. Still not sure what it was. Never saw something like that again. I really hate moths now though!

Kevin D.

I’d say my dad is a fighter he once battled two mice with a corn broom in our basement bathroom took 15 mins an won the battle.

Keri L.

Remember the time my dad tried to get rid of a huge wasp’s nest……never seen him run so fast……moral of the story is use a longer broom handle or a long spraying hose.

And the winner was:

Janice C.

Should have called Poulin’s Pest Control. My dad had a wasp nest in our fireplace chimney He had this bright idea to use the exhaust of our tiller to kill them, so he rigged up something to send the exhaust into the chimney from outside, only to have all the wasps retreat to inside our house It definitely was a screamer.

While these stories are good for a laugh, we do not recommend trying any of these methods of “pest control”! If you encounter any pest problems (big or small) please contact us online through our ‘what’s bugging you’ form, our Facebook or Twitter profiles, or come visit one of our seven retail stores across Western Canada. Our customer service team will gladly help you out so that your dad can rest easy knowing the professionals are on the job! No foolin’ with Poulin.

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