Tales From The Tech: The Woman Who Cried Skunk

We all have certain customers that call us back time and time again to do follow-ups or even just reassure them that their problem is gone. Every week I was getting calls from the same customer, “I have a skunk under my deck!” she would say. I would go out there every week and inspect her property, there was never any evidence of a skunk present. We had traps and bait set out which all turned up empty. When she never stopped calling and asking me to come back, all the jokes were going around about this woman just having a crush on me.

The last time she called, I told her over the phone I have been to her property dozens of times, there is no skunk! She begged me to come back just one more time. Reluctantly, I agreed. When I arrived at her property, the first thing I noticed was the smell. Yep. There was a skunk here. “It’s under the deck!” she called from the kitchen window. I got down on the ground and went under the back deck, the smell got worse and worse the further in I went. Well, I found a skunk alright.

There was a dead skunk under her deck. I grabbed the tail to drag it out but all that came with me was a handful of fur. It was the grossest thing I have ever seen or smelled. I still have nightmares about that skunk!

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