The most commonly known wasps, such as yellowjackets and hornets, are in the family Vespidae and are eusocial, living together in a nest with an egg-laying queen and non-reproducing workers. 

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How to Get Rid of Wasps in Your Yard and House

A swarm of wasps can quickly ruin your late-summer backyard barbeque. These buzzing insects can fall into your drinks, land on your food and buzz around your head. More than just nuisances, they can be quite dangerous. Dozens of people die each year from allergic reactions to wasp stings. Here are a few tips for…

Are Wasps Beneficial Pests?

Love them or hate them, you can count on wasps to be here every summer – drinking our drinks, eating our food, scaring our children, and stinging us in the back! Wasps are a nuisance, but are they also beneficial pests? Short Answer: Yes! Long Answer: Well… just like beauty, ‘beneficial’ is in the eye…

What’s Bugging You? 4 Pests You’ll Find at The Lake & Cabin

Warm weather rolling in means summer vacation, time off work, laying in the sun at the beach and enjoying relaxing weekends at the lake. Unfortunately, it also means unwanted guests could be tagging along during your summer fun. Heat and humidity are two ideal conditions for some of our most annoying little neighbors to thrive….