Indian Meal Moth


Indian meal moth adults have a 5/8” wing spread. The wings are a burnished copper; almost purple in colour with a broad grey band near where they attach to the body. The larvae are small caterpillars with distinct legs on the first three body segments and four pairs of prolegs (false legs) on the abdomen. They are dirty white, pink, brown, or light green, and range from 3/8-3/4” long. The head and first body segments are brown.

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Mediterranean Flour Moth
Photo Credit: Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren


Adults are ¼-1/2” long with a wingspan of a little less than 1 inch. The forewings are pale gray with wavy black lines running across them. The hindwings are dirty white. The larvae are 5/8-3/4” long when fully developed. They are white or light pink with a dark head and a dark plate just behind the head.

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Webbing Cloth Moth
Photo Credit: Olaf Leillinger


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Meet The Indian Meal Moth

At this time of year in Canada, the prevalence of Indian Meal Moth seems to increase as this pest is present in stored grains, dried fruits, nuts, cereals and various processed foods. The larvae can be seen inside packaging that has or has not been opened in pantries and other food storage areas. The larvae…