Do You Want Flies With That

People often wonder about the importance of a pest control program for their facility. The pest control industry is often overlooked and, in many instances, looked down upon. Some people feel they do not need a pest control program and others believe that pest control is “just checking metal boxes”. The article below will, understandably, change their minds.

“What’s in your salad? Top 10 disgusting discoveries in food”

Imagine stopping for lunch after a busy day of shopping: you make a selection, order your food and sit down to enjoy your lunch. After a few bites you find “something odd” in your stir fry.

Disgusted or sick to your stomach? You wonder: how did this happen? Where was the pest control program? No one thinks this could ever happen, but it does!

Many restaurant owners/managers are re-active to a pest problem rather than being pro-active. It takes a facility to be shut down before they realize the importance of a regular pest control program. A monthly fee for a pest control program is far less than the revenue lost at a location due to a shut down. A shut down along with bad publicity can be devastating for a restaurant or food facility.

We, in the industry, are professionals. We can and do prevent this from happening. We know that pests can spread disease, damage products and possibly cause fires. When servicing our customers, it is very important to take the time to service properly and act in a professional manner. It is important to explain to our customers why we place traps where we do and also to advise them as to what they can do to help prevent any pest problems. We are a lot more than trap checkers; we are pest management professionals. We are protectors of health and property!

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