DIY Bed Bug Treatment.. Why It Doesn’t Work

There is a lot to be said for doing things yourself these days. When it comes to treating a bed bug infestation, unless you are a pest management professional, don’t do it yourself. You need specialists for this battle.

There are a lot of bugs out there that people can manage to eradicate on their own without experienced help. What makes bed bugs different? First of all, most people don’t realize how elusive the creatures are. They are difficult to see and they are not always where you would expect them to be. On top of that, they seem to be resistant to most insecticides used in the average household and available to consumers.

There’s a myth that bed bugs only infest dirty homes. This is not true. They are showing up in swanky hotels as well as hospitals, churches, and other unexpected places. Cleanliness will not stop an infestation. Clutter will make it harder to treat, but spanking clean homes can have large infestations. So even if you do everything the self-help guides tell you to do and get your home squeaky clean, you still need to call the professionals.

People don’t realize how quickly bed bugs can move and how adept they are at finding places like cracks and crevices to hide. One feeding can last a year and in that years’ time the bed bug is snug in a rug just a short distance from your bed, living and breeding. Most insecticides will last from one to three months, and those are the ones provided by professionals.

Our pest control experts are knowledgeable about the bugs, their life cycles, how they behave and where they hide. They also know what methods of treatment are effective, safe, and legal. Our professionals are well schooled on how to properly administer the insecticides that will eliminate the problem. We also know how to detect the effectiveness of treatment. This is something the average person would most likely fail at doing.

Pest management pros like Poulin’s know just what to do to take care of the problem. Don’t try to battle bed bugs on your own when the war can be won by the pros!

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