6 ways mice get into your home

Mice don’t need much space to get into your home. All it takes is a five-millimetre hole, the diameter of a pencil, for young mice. Although only one or two may enter, you may end up with generations of mice in your house if you don’t act fast.

Signs of entry

Just because you haven’t seen a mouse doesn’t mean you don’t have them living within your home. Do you have a small hole in your house that you suspect is an entry point for mice? Here are a few telltale signs to look for around the spot:

  • Droppings – little rice-shaped pellets
  • Bits of mouse fur
  • Chew marks
  • Debris, like food or chewed matter
  • Traces of grease on surfaces

Common entry points

Here’s a list of common entry points for mice. Consider it a checklist to do your own home inspection.

  1. Doors and windows. Check the trim, weatherstripping, and windowsills.
  1. Vents. In addition to your dryer vents, check the roof, gable, and cellar vents.
  1. Wiring. Check the points where your electrical and other wires enter your house.
  1. Basement. Look for cracks in the foundation and vulnerable spots around the basement windows. While at ground level, inspect the weeping brick gap for a cover.
  1. Roof and eaves. Inspect the roof, soffit, and fascia intersections on your upper roofline, the flashing around chimneys and vents, any brick-soffit gap, and the drip edge connection.
  1. Siding. Inspect the corners to ensure your siding border caps are all in good condition and well fitted.

What to do if you have mice

If you have mice in your house, take these steps immediately:

  • Keep all human food, pet food, and garbage in sealed containers.
  • Clean up visible mouse droppings. Wet them first with a disinfectant to prevent particles from moving into the air. Then, clean the area.

Remember, once you see a mouse inside your home, it’s possible they’ve been inside the structure for some time. Your best action is to call a professional to eliminate the mice and seal off potential entry points. The faster you act, the simpler the elimination process and the lower your risk for health impacts or costly structural damage.

Rodent control experts in Western Canada

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