Where do mice hide in a house?

The sight of a mouse may make you leap onto the nearest chair, or it may make you go, “Aww, how cute!” Wherever your response falls on the ick-to-cute spectrum, you must protect your property and the people in it from the damage and harm these little critters can cause. To keep mice out of your home or business, it helps to know their favourite hideouts and make those spaces less inviting. Here’s a guide to the places mice view as prime real estate.

Undisturbed areas

Mice want to nest in places where they won’t be disturbed, so consider ways to control their access to crawl spaces, attics, and spaces between the walls. Placement of large objects can create hiding places, even in rooms that see heavier use. From large pieces of furniture to the stack of magazines you’ve been meaning to read for months, there are plenty of undisturbed gaps and spaces where a mouse can make a nest undetected.

Food supply

Cupboards and rooms where food is stored are a veritable wonderland for mice. In fact, if a mouse finds its way into a bag of flour at the back of a shelf, it may just stay there until the flour’s all eaten – or until your next baking day. Keep all food in hard, sealed containers, even when stored safely behind cupboard doors.

Warm shelter

Mice prefer indoors to outdoors in colder seasons, but even within a building, they’ll seek out warmer spots for nesting. Consider where mice might find private little pockets of warmth, such as the gaps behind hot water tanks and appliances where motors expel excess heat. Spaces behind and underneath your fridge and stove, where there are both food traces and extra warmth, can be mouse traffic hubs.

When it comes to mice, out of sight shouldn’t be out of mind. From spreading disease and parasites to chewing at your wiring and insulation, mice can damage and harm your home or business and the people who use those spaces. Even if you never see them, they can contaminate the areas they touch as they move about. To ensure your hidden spaces stay rodent-free, hire a professional.

Rodent control in Western Canada

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