The Nuisance of Cluster Flies

It’s September and the evening temperatures are falling. It’s the perfect condition for Cluster Flies to start moving into your home, shed, attic, garage or business. Cluster Flies are often mistaken for house flies. However, Cluster Flies are larger, darker and move more slowly. Like many other pests, Cluster Flies overwinter in warm locations. Also known as attic flies, this is where you can find them hibernating. They also typically group together in large numbers.

Since Cluster Flies are attracted to light, you can usually see them “cluster” on the sunny side of structures. This is especially true during the colder seasons such as fall and winter, if a light source is present or coming from a window, they will be attracted to it. Cluster Flies do not breed inside your home and do not present a health hazard. However, Cluster Flies can be a nuisance and do have some damaging effects to your home. You may see dark stains appear on windows and walls from the excrement of Cluster Flies.

To avoid Cluster Flies, it’s important to locate and seal any openings or cracks in walls to prevent them from entering in the first place. However, if Cluster Flies have already invaded your home, Poulin’s carries several pesticide products and environmental friendly options to choose from. Contact the professionals at Poulin’s today for help getting rid of Cluster Flies. We can properly identify Cluster Flies and provide advice on how to remove these annoying pests.

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