How To Prevent Mice From Coming Into Your Home This Fall

To prevent mice from entering your home, your shed, your garage, your car, or any other location in your yard, the primary key is to stop them before they can get in. Inspect and seal any openings, cracks or crevasses from the outside into your home or location you’re trying to protect from mice. Make sure the area around your foundation is not conducive to attracting or harboring rodents. This means keep grass short, remove any shrubs or cut them back so they are not touching your home. Check your foundation for any cracks or crevasses that could be large enough to allow rodents in, especially near doors and windows. A hole the size of your finger (1/4”) is all the space a rodent requires to get into any space. Exclusion is a fast and an easy way to prevent rodents from entering. Plugging the hole, crack or crevasse with steel wool is key. You should also keep the outside area surrounding your home tidy. Eliminate any clutter and debris, maintain a 2-3 foot (1 meter) barrier of rock or cement, pruning any overhanging trees that touch the house and keep grass/vegetation short.

Having your front door or patio doors open to your house may be a good way to get fresh air in, but it is also an invitation for mice to enter easily. To stop mice from coming in, it’s best to keep your doors closed and make sure there is a good door sweep that prevents mice from entering. Also, if your windows are open, make sure the screens do not have any rips or tears.

If rodents have entered your home, it’s necessary to use the various types of traps, stations and baits. A Poulin’s staff member can assist you to determine the critical locations in your home. Proper placement will quickly control any mice infestations. Mice breed year round and populations grow rapidly under good conditions. Any actions you can take to stop mice will be effective and must be taken to avoid a potential serious problem from occurring.

We offer Pest Control across Canada including, Lethbridge and Brandon. Stop in any of our 7 Poulin’s locations for friendly, effective advice and control products. We carry all the necessary equipment to help with your mice situation. Please check your local store for availability. If you don’t want to tackle this on your own, definitely contact us. We can assess the situation and deal with the issue in a quick and efficient manner at a very affordable pricing.

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