Professional Advice for Rodent Control

To eliminate and control rats and mice, you need the right information and the proper tools.

Rodents breed year round and populations grow rapidly under good conditions. Any actions you can take to stop mice will be effective and must be taken to avoid a potential serious problem from occurring. Make sure to Inspect and seal any openings, cracks or crevasses from the outside into your home or location you’re trying to protect from mice.

The various rodent control options include:

  • baited and un-baited snap-traps
  • multi-catch mouse traps
  • glueboards;
  • and anticoagulant rodenticides

Often times, a rodent infestation is underestimated, so be sure to use a sufficient amount of devices for the job.

Bait Stations

With specially designed, tamper-resistant bait stations, you can rest easy knowing that children and pets will not consume or come in contact with any of the bait targeted for rodents.

If mouse bedding, fecal matter or urine is found, first soak down the material with a mix of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water and/or an approved disinfectant. Let soak for 15 minutes. Clean up the area, wear gloves, an N-95 mask and any other personal protection items.

Place the fecal matter, bedding materials into garbage bags that are sealed. It is important to follow these precautions because if you have Deer Mice, Hantavirus may be present in the fecal matter, urine or bedding. A Poulin’s Pest Control professional assist you with this.

The best way to eliminate your rodent issue for good is to hire a pest control professional. Our trained experts can properly assess your needs; know which products you will require and the critical locations to where traps are necessary. We will get rid of your rat or mouse problem for good.

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