Damp Defense: Effective Moisture-Control Strategies to Prevent Booklice, Springtails, Sowbugs, and Silverfish Infestations

There are two things that many insects look for when they make their ways into homes and businesses in Canada: warmth and moisture. If you have been finding booklice, springtails, sowbugs, silverfish or other types of pests in your property, chances are that you are actually dealing with a moisture problem.

What can be done to reduce moisture in your property and how does that help you get rid of pests? In this blog, we share valuable moisture-control strategies to keep unwanted visitors away from your place. Continue to monitor pest activity with insect traps.

Spot and Fix Water Leaks

Mould growth, stains on ceiling, noisy plumbing, musty smells, and low water pressure are all common signs of water leaks in both residential and commercial areas. Water leaks will inevitably increase the moisture level in your property, which will make it a much more appealing area for insects and other pests. For that reason, making sure any leaks are quickly and properly fixed is a great way of avoiding little intruders getting into your place.

Ensure Your Drainage System is Fully Functional

Another effective way of preventing excessive moisture in commercial or residential areas is ensuring drainage systems are working properly. For example, clogged gutters may result in water infiltration, damage walls, and increase humidity levels in many parts of your property. Drain spouts should be carrying water away from buildings. Inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining exterior and interior drainage systems regularly will help you prevent moisture excess which can keep pests away.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

When it comes to moisture control, it is important to help the evaporation of water present in an area. For that reason, proper ventilation is important. It is quite common for homes and businesses in Canada to keep their doors and windows closed to help with temperature management. However, a completely enclosed environment will make it difficult for you to control humidity levels. Make sure you maintain heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) to help you create a less favorable environment for a wide variety of pests.

Install a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are an excellent choice to control moisture in enclosed areas and reduce the risks of pest infestations. These devices are capable of condensing the water vapor in the air into a collection bucket, which reduces humidity levels in the area. If you are dealing with pests in areas where ventilation is compromised and other repairs cannot be done, installing a dehumidifier is an option to consider.

Consider Installing an Air Conditioner

When it comes to improving ventilation, controlling moisture levels, and managing temperatures, air conditioners are an efficient solution. Apart from reducing humidity in the air, air conditioners also make the environment cooler, which slows the growth and reproduction of most insects. Be it for your commercial property or your home, a good air conditioner can transform your place into a comfortable place for you and a nightmare for pests.

Pest Control Services in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

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