Spiders In Your Yard

You may be noticing more spiders and webs lately. Environmental conditions such as the changing weather play a major role. When weather is hot and dry, there could be the reason for more spiders in and around your home. As more prey insects are present increases in spider predators also increase.

Certain spiders that are definitely noticeable in the summertime are Funnel Web Spiders or Grass Spiders. Webs are usually built in and on grassy areas, around the deck, window wells, the foundation and shrubs. These spiders are active hunters and eat their prey in the bottom of the funnel. Unlike other spiders, these spiders do not use their webs to capture their prey. Other spiders will wait and can sense when an insect is stuck or touching their web because of the vibration. They then come out, immediately bite their prey and either drag in to a safe location to feed on it or wrap it up to eat at a later time. Funnel spiders consume insects that are close to the ground and also eat smaller spiders. The orb weavers capture their prey in large elaborate webs in areas where flying insects are. Most spiders paralyze the insects they capture, and feed on them immediately or wait for a later time. Many spiders venom is not dangerous to humans and many cannot break human skin with their fangs. Some can and depending on you, you may have a severe allergic reaction to the venom. Certain types of spiders will bite humans when they been provoked or have been startled by something.

To help control spiders, make sure shrubs, weeds and grass is cut short, especially near buildings. Regularly remove webs with a broom or vacuum. For more information on spiders regarding prevention, exclusion and chemical control, click here.

The unsightly webs from spiders can, for some people, cause many to run in fear of these 8 legged arachnids. If spiders are becoming an issue at your residence, Poulin’s can come out and treat your yard or recommend products that you can apply to reduce spider numbers. Treatment in the summer is recommended. All the best advice can be found at Poulin’s. Call or come and see us today for all your pest control needs.

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