Important Factors in Fly Control

  • Use sodium vapor light bulbs not mercury vapor.
  • Have the lights on the ground pointing at the building not on the building pointing at the ground
  • If the lights are on the building do not have them directly above the door. Have them off to the side of the door. The further away from the door the better.
  • Lights play an important part in fly control. Red is the best color for not attracting flies but it makes the building look like a burlesque house. Blue is the next best color for not attracting flies, but there are complaints that blue does not give off enough light. Yellow is the third best color for not attracting flies to a structure.
  • Reduce clutter and garbage around the building and doorways. These items will attract flies.
  • Place dumpsters far away as possible from a doorway. The flies have a smaller chance of entering the structure. Never leave garbage directly outside the door.
  • Ensure all garbage is placed inside plastic bags, and then inside a garbage bin.
  • If there are lids on a dumpster make sure that you keep the lids closed.
  • Inspect the dumpster for holes on the bottom and on the sides. If there are holes have the dumpster replaced as the “sludge” will leak out and create other breeding sites for flies.
  • Ensure that the grounds around the facility are free of trash and debris at all times.
  • Around homes, animal waste should be picked up daily (or at least every other day).
  • Dumpsters should be placed on a cement slab if possible. If placed on limestone, mud, or gravel the and the “sludge” leaks on the ground, it will be held in the cracks creating breeding sites.
  • Inspect doors and windows to ensure they are tightly sealed. Small openings around windows and doors can allow flies to enter the building.
  • Inspect screens to ensure they have no holes in them.
  • Inside the building:
    • Garbage cans must be cleaned and washed on a regular basis.
    • Inspect for structural deficiencies that can lead to moisture and food accumulations, i.e.: missing tiles, missing bar tiles, gaps along the baseboard, leaking pipes, structural damage to walls, etc.
    • Inspect for sanitation deficiencies, i.e.: accumulation of spilled food and organic debris under and behind equipment, dirty drains, wet towels, wet mops, dirty shop-vac, beer drain pipe, underside of floor mats, etc.

If you need any help inspecting your home or business for signs of flies or breeding sites, be sure to contact a Poulin’s Pest Control office near you. We have seven branch locations across Western Canada in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Our professionals can do all the hard work for you so you can relax and be fly-free!

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