German Cockroach


Scientific Name: Blattella germanica Common Name: German Cockroach Color: Varies from light brown to tan Size: 13 to 16 mm long FACT: German cockroaches have wings but do not use them to fly!

German Cockroach Information

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American Cockroach


American cockroaches generally live in moist areas but can survive in dry areas if they have access to water. They prefer high temperatures around 29C (84F) and do not tolerate low temperatures. These cockroaches are common in basements, crawl spaces, cracks and crevices of porches, foundations, and walkways adjacent to buildings. In residential areas outside the tropics these cockroaches live in basements and sewers and may move outdoors into yards during warm weather.

Conventional Insecticide Treatment Preparation Sheet

Gel Bait Treatment Preparation Sheet

Can you spot a cockroach at any age?

Cockroaches have a complex life cycle and understanding how they appear at different stages can help you quickly identify and tackle an infestation. Here’s what cockroaches look like during various life phases and where you should be searching for them. Eggs. Cockroaches lay egg cases, which are small, purse-shaped oblong capsules that contain numerous embryos….

Spot these early signs of a cockroach infestation

You may have a cockroach infestation in your home right now and not know it. That’s because cockroaches are good at hiding. Once you see one, it may be too late — they may have already arrived en masse. Look for these warning signs that cockroaches are moving in: You notice unusual smells. Cockroaches give…

Why you shouldn’t use home remedies to get rid of cockroaches

Home remedies are often the first solution people look to after discovering traces of cockroaches in their homes. However, there’s a reason pest control professionals don’t use them. Here are four home remedies you should avoid: 1. Tea tree oil. Unless you spray a ton of tea tree oil on a roach, you won’t kill…

Are German cockroaches indestructible?

If you’re trying to eradicate cockroaches from your home or business, it may seem as though these creepy crawlies are indestructible. Although they’re highly adaptable, cockroaches do have vulnerabilities. Here’s an overview of what you need to know. Cockroach facts Here are some reasons why it may seem like cockroaches are immortal. 1. They breed…