The adult American dog tick is a hard tick, 1/8-3/16” long, and reddish-brown with white markings on the back. The mouth is easily seen when viewed from above. The body is flattened and shaped like a teardrop. The female’s shield-like area remains unchanged, but the rest of her body stretches and changes from red-brown to blue-gray as she engorges with blood while feeding. Unlike the adults who have eight legs, the larva is 1/32” long and has six legs and red markings near the eyes. It is pale yellow when unfed turning slate gray and doubles in size when engorged. It molts into an eight-legged nymph that is yellow-brown with red markings near the eyes and 1/16” long when unfed and also doubles in size when engorged with blood.

American Dog Tick (Wood Tick) Information

Deer Tick


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Ticks and How To Remove Them

When you are outdoors, it is very important to check yourself and your pets for adult and nymphal ticks. The American Dog tick is very prevalent this year and are being found all over western Canada and especially in Winnipeg and area. If you find ticks in your yard, Poulin’s can provide you with a…

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