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Bed Bug


Scientific Name: Cimex lectularius Common Name: Bed bug Color: Adults range from brown to reddish-brown Size: 4 – 5 mm long (3/16 inch) FACT: Bed bugs do not transmit any known human diseases. Some people will react to the saliva from the bite and have an allergic reaction. Not all people will react to a bed bug bite.

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Unusual hiding spots for bed bugs and how to find them

Bed bugs are pesky insects that rob you of a good night’s sleep and are difficult to detect and get rid of. Although they commonly reside in and around your bed, they can also hide in other unsuspecting places in your home. Here are some unusual hiding spots for bed bugs and how to detect…

Travelling tips: how to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you

Preventing bed bugs while travelling is probably the last thing you want to think about while on vacation. However, these pests can easily hide in your luggage, clothing and other personal items and accompany you on your journey back home. Preparing for your trip Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for…

Six surprising facts about bed bugs

Bed bugs are many people’s worst nightmare. Luckily, if you’ve discovered bed bugs in your home or business, Poulin’s has effective techniques for getting rid of them for good. As unpleasant as they are, it’s useful to learn a little about bed bugs, so that you know how to spot them and how to handle…

What to do if bed bugs hitchhike to school: A guide for parents and teachers

Bed bugs are opportunistic pests that can “hitchhike” their way into schools on clothing, blankets, lunch boxes, stuffed toys, and other personal belongings. Education and preparation are crucial to tackling bed bugs in schools and at home. Tips for educators Here are a few things you can do to keep your classroom free of bed…