Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat treatments for bed bugs use dry heat generated by specialized electric heaters to eliminate all life stages of bed bugs.

Why use Poulin’s Pest Control’s Heat Treatment to control Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

Chemical bed bug treatments have traditionally required multiple visits to eliminate bed bugs. Poulin’s Pest Control’s heat treatments for bed bugs have resulted in a 99% success rate in a single treatment.

Traditional bed bug treatments require intense preparation to see effective results. The heat treatment for bed bug solution has a simple set of preparation guidelines that result in a tremendous time saving for the customer.

Heat treatments provide an environmentally responsible approach using dry heat as the primary source of elimination.

How Does a Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Work?

The principle behind Poulin’s Pest Control’s heat treatment bed bug solution is to raise the bed bug infested structure’s temperature to a minimum of 125 Fahrenheit, a lethal temperature to all stages of bed bugs.

A key component to heat treatments is the development of the heating plan, requiring strategic mapping of crucial areas for placement of the heaters and temperature monitoring equipment. Careful execution of this plan and precise air movement made using high flow fans, ensure heat penetrates all infested areas.

After holding the lethal temperature for 4-6 hours the heat treatment bed bug solution is complete.

Advantages of a Heat Treatment bed bug solution:

Bed bug - side view
  • Highest success rate in eliminating all life stages of bed bugs
  • Single treatment solution, pending infestations
  • An environmentally responsible treatment option with a dramatic reduction in pesticide application
  • Hassle free pre-treatment preparation instructions
  • Same day return to residence

For more information on heat treatments or to book a service please contact one of our branches closest to you. We have seven retail store locations across Western Canada in Winnipeg, Brandon, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge.

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