Allegheny Mound Ant


The Allegheny Mound Ant (Formica exsectoides) is a type of ant native to the Atlantic area of North America. Often very striking in appearance, these ants have a red-orange head and thorax with black-brown gasters. They have 1 node. Mound ants are generally between 1/8” – 1/4” long.


Carpenter Ant
Photo Credit: Tom Myers


Workers are large (1/8-1/2”) but vary greatly in size, Queens about (1/2-5/8”) Colors vary from black, red and brownish or black and red. Carpenter ants are 1 noded ants with an evenly rounded thorax. Development time (egg to adult) takes at least 60 days. There is only one wingless queen per colony. Colonies contain up to 3,000 workers when maturity is reached in about 3 to 6 years. Swarmers (winged) are not produced until the colony is at least 2 years old.


Pharaoh Ant
Photo Credit: April Nobile


The Pharaoh Ant is a tiny ant about 1/10-1/16” long. Worker ants are reddish-yellow, the queen is usually darker red and males are black.

Key Characteristics

Small size with 3 segmented club on antennae, well-developed eyes, a bi-nodal petiole (narrow waist between thorax and abdomen) and no stinger present.


Omnivorous, feeding generally on animal or vegetable food, dead insects, small animals, open wounds, shed human skin on bedding, sucrose and IV solutions, sweets and fats.

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