Estevan Pest Control

Why Choose Poulin’s Pest Control in Estevan?

Poulin’s Pest Control is proud to make Estevan our eighth location in the Prairie provinces and our third in Saskatchewan. Our newest site provides all the products and services that have made Poulin’s one of the most trusted names in pest control in Western Canada.

Homes and businesses in the Estevan area are no strangers to insects and other pests. Fortunately, we specialize in controlling and eliminating all types of bugs and rodents, including:

Poulin’s Pest Control believes in protecting the environment. That’s why we’re committed to sound environmental practices throughout our business. We focus on using non-chemical treatments as our first control option. If pesticides are required, we strive to use as few chemicals as possible. When we must use pesticides, we use the most environmentally-friendly ones with the most negligible impact on the environment.

We also encourage an awareness of waste management, waste minimalization and a desire to recycle and reuse materials when practical. We consider how we can be the most environmentally friendly with all our business activities. At Poulin’s, we do our part in waste minimization at all levels of the job, which protects our communities.

Poulin’s Pest Control Has a Solution to Your Pest Problems

No matter what pest problem your Estevan home or business may be having, we have a pest control solution. We customize our recurring service programs for your home, company and industry to ensure a pest-free environment.

We focus on using an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) which involves inspecting for issues that’ll most likely support pest survival. We’ll address these areas of concern with you before a problem occurs. Be sure to ask us about the following services:

No Foolin’ with Poulin

We know your family is number one. That’s why we focus on being proactive. Not only do we get rid of all your pests, but we also look for the issues that support the pest’s survival and address them at the source. Our team will thoroughly inspect your home and build a customized program for your pest control needs. We want you to be confident that once the pests are out – they stay out, so that’s why there’s no foolin’ with Poulin!

All of our Pest Management Professionals go through thorough classroom training, field training and testing to ensure they’re fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to perform the job safely and correctly. Every one of our employees entering your home is fully licensed and certified.

Poulin’s Pest Control is a member of the Canadian Pest Management Association, National Pest Management Association, and British Columbia Pest Management Association.

At Poulin’s, we’re family — please let us make your home as safe as possible for yours. Call us at 1-888-768-5467 for an estimate or fill out the pest control services estimate form below.

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