Ask The Expert: Do Ladybugs Bite?

We receive a lot of calls in the fall from people concerned about ladybugs taking over their homes and biting their family members. Ladybugs do not bite! If you are being bitten by an insect that looks like a ladybug, it’s actually an Asian ladybird beetle. Ladybugs, at this time of year, are already likely to be hibernating and not even present – Asian ladybird beetles, on the other hand, are still very active and visually look like a sweet, innocent summer ladybug. Just to make sure everyone sees it again, ladybugs do not bite humans, only Asian ladybird beetles can.

This imported insect pest was introduced into Canada during the 1970’s to help rid farmers crops of insect pests that would be naturally reducing farmers yields in certain crop types. As we go through the past 40ish years, we have seen especially over the past two years a large increase in these Asian ladybird beetles trying to find overwinter sites in your home in the Fall. They do not have any food sources left and the temperatures are decreasing so they are on mass trying to move into your windows, doors, ledges, cracks and vegetation areas around your home to survive and hibernate over the winter. They will emerge next Spring and return to the farmer fields to be biological controllers again for farmers.

If Asian ladybird beetles are being a nuisance to you and are making their way into your home, there are several effective options to consider when wanting to control these ‘new fall pests’. There are both chemical and non-chemical control options. Some options available are as easy as vacuuming the pests up or leaving out sticky traps. Come down to our retail store to ask our staff for some great tips and product options to deal with Asian ladybird beetles, or you can give us a call at 1-888-768-5467 and we will be happy to help you out!

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