Spiders Are Back!

Spring has sprung and the arachnid world is coming out of its sleepy hibernation sites or emerging from the egg sacs laid last year. All spiders are venomous but most spiders are harmless to humans. 93% of consumers fear insects and arachnids, and are the public’s 3rd most common fear behind heights and public speaking*. (*Cited by Army Community Service)

Over 2,000 people report being bitten by a black widow every year. Most of these people will recover within 24 hours after receiving medical treatment and many people who are bitten by a black widow will develop very few symptoms, if the spider does not inject its venom. Male spiders produce the toxins to help with their own hunting, but they make such a diluted version that they’re not harmful to most people. Black Widows are not especially aggressive spiders, and they will rarely bite humans unless startled or otherwise threatened.

There are very few incursions of the dangerous spiders to man in Canada, but it can happen via imported goods, fruits, vegetables from other countries that the more dangerous spiders can live in. It is important to inspect your fruits and vegetables or any imported item for non-native spiders. Proper identification by an expert in spiders should be done if you are unsure of the species. Spiders are grouped by their eye patterns and there are many unique patterns to see. Each type belongs to a specific spider family.

Spider control in your home or yard can be done and is guaranteed for the entire summer. It’s important to call Poulin’s Pest Control so the pest management professional can use our unique treatment options, then seal up any potential issues for spiders to get into or remain in your home and lastly, to clean any webbing or habitat that may be conducive for spiders staying in your yard. This way your arachnid problem can be removed with no presence of web and non-web making spiders.

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