5 Methods to Control Pesky Pigeons

Now that the snow has melted away, you may be noticing piles of pigeon droppings in locations around your home or business. In the winter, pigeons may have built nests under your eaves or were roosting on ledges or roof peaks leaving behind very acidic droppings that can discolour or even deface various types of building materials. The common pigeon will mate several times a year producing anywhere from 3 – 8 eggs per brood. You can see that in a very short time, pigeon numbers can grow into a problem very quickly.

When pigeon feces are in large piles they can harbour some human health issues and diseases. Proper disinfection and cleanup is key in protecting your and your customer’s health and safety! These ‘flying rats’ can also carry fleas, ticks, and mites – depending on the location of their roosting or nesting area this can get into air and ventilation systems exposing yourself, your family or employees to potentially dangerous issues.

Here are five methods you have available to make sure pigeons don’t become a problem at your home or place of work:

1. Bird Netting – Install bird netting to prevent pigeons, and other birds or even bats from perching and nesting on your building. Netting is both effective and humane!

2. Bird Spiking – Install bird spikes on common landing surfaces such as ledges, window sills, rooves, and chimneys. Bird spikes will deter pigeons from landing on your building.

3. Noise Making or Visual Distraction Devices – You will need to be in an area that will allow these types of control options! (Usually not suitable for urban areas)

4. Trapping – Trapping is an option but is location specific and it’s a long-term option in removing pigeons from a site. Trapping is most effective if the birds are destroyed and not released; otherwise, they may return home or create problems elsewhere.

5. Baiting – A baiting program can be implemented in certain locations that will scare or deter birds from being in that area or location.

It’s important that the location be inspected to determine the best option or options to remove, exclude or treat an area so the pigeons are no longer able to use the area and cause any additional damage or health risks. Contact the professionals at Poulin’s to determine the best clean up and removal of pest pigeons.

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