How to Kill Ground Squirrels and Pocket Gophers

As the snow melts away in western Canada and the signs of spring are appearing, so are thirteen-lined ground squirrels and pocket gophers. The 13 stripped Richardson ground squirrel can easily be identified by its thirteen stripes on its back and its golden brown fur. The pocket gopher has no stripes and is golden brown in colour. These rodents enjoy high valued grassy grounds and their holes can cause injuries to people who walk in parks, sports fields, and off-site areas. These rodents can be identified by the type of mound or no mound of dirt they make. For the thirteen-lined ground squirrels, its burrow is a near flat hole to the ground is indicative of their presence. The pocket gopher will make a mound of dirt while they excavate their burrow chambers. They also will have an emergency exit hole a few feet away from the primary burrow.

To control these rodents there are several options to consider. If the burrows are at least 5 metres away from any foundation or the building foot print, you can purchase an over the counter product called Giant Destroyer®. This product looks like a little piece of dynamite which is lit with a wick and then placed into the burrows chamber and covered with dirt. The Giant Destroyer® will release enough sulfur dioxide gas into the burrow to rid your location of these pests. Both species of ground squirrel will be quickly eradicated using this domestic product that is available at Poulin’s retail stores.

Another method of ground squirrel or pocket gopher control is using baits that are registered for their control. If the holes are 5 metres or less to the house foundation, this method should be used as there would be no movement of potentially dangerous gases coming into the home. These commercially labelled products are only available to the licenced pesticide professionals at Poulin’s. Our professionals will survey your location for the openings that ground squirrels and gophers create, bait will be placed directly into the burrow and the hole or mound is covered with soil. Once the rodent has eaten enough Poulin’s brand bait product the rodents will die within its burrow making the chances of secondary poisoning of pets and other species, zero. Our Pest Management Professionals will return within 24 hours to make sure no additional burrows have been cleaned out or another new burrow has been dug.

Please do not use water hoses to fill up burrows or do not use non-registered products to control these rodents. Call the pros at Poulin’s so you don’t flood or foul your home.

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