Insects that look like cockroaches but aren’t

Of all the creepy crawlies to strike fear in the hearts of homeowners, cockroaches top the list. Many other creatures that often get mistaken for cockroaches may be less harmful but no less disruptive to your peace of mind. To help you know the difference, here are a few less-harmful critters that often get confused for cockroaches

  • Sow bugs. At a quick glance, you may confuse a sow bug with a small cockroach. These critters aren’t dangerous, and they cause more annoyance than harm. However, if you see a lot of them in your home, it can be a sign of excessive moisture. A pest management professional can eliminate sow bogs and advise you on how to minimize the conditions that make your space inviting to them.
  • Stink bugs. While stink bugs may cause you to recoil much like a cockroach, they pose less of a threat. Aside from their appearance and the troublesome stench they emit when threatened or squashed, they don’t bite or sting and have little interest in your food. It’s best not to let them hang around, though, as the odour can persist when they land on surfaces in your home.
  • June bugs. These critters have similar colouring to cockroaches. However, they have a more rounded, scarab beetle shape than cockroaches and lack the long, whip-like antennae. They don’t move with as much agility as cockroaches; they try to fly but tend to run into surfaces and often stick there. The adults usually hide during the day and eat plant leaves in the evening. As their names suggest, June bugs, sometimes called May beetles, are seasonally active. 
  • Boxelder/Maple Bugs. These bugs are black with orange/red markings and have the same shape and size as many cockroaches. They are plant feeders and can enter structures during the fall to spend the winter. On warmer winter or spring days, they might appear near windows and lights. They do not reproduce indoors. In the fall, exterior residual sprays may be used to keep them out of structures.
  • Crickets. Both crickets and cockroaches have long bodies with six legs, and they’re similar in colour. The crickets’ distinguishing features are their long legs and more robust bodies compared to the flatter cockroaches. You’ll recognize a cricket if you see it jump or hear it chirp. If you spot a cricket indoors, you can set up glue traps and reduce the habitat conditions of their prey.

Even if you’ve ruled out the dreaded cockroach, that doesn’t mean you stop getting the willies when you see these critters inside your home or place of work. To give yourself comfort and peace of mind, have a professional inspect your property and advise on your best strategy for pest control.

Eliminate cockroaches and other pests in Western Canada

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