How to pest-proof your home for winter

Winter is the season for indoor entertaining and feasts of delectable foods. The last thing you want at this time of year is to spread your hospitality to unwelcome guests from the animal kingdom. You can make your home inviting to humans and clear of pests by taking a few precautions. As an extra bonus, many of these recommendations can help offset the winter cold.

Seal off access points

Key spots to inspect are window screens, where plumbing and other utilities enter the structure, chimneys, and cracks in your foundation. If you notice potential entry points, you can use wire mesh as a barrier and pair it with expanding foam. Installing door sweeps along the bottom of all your exterior doors will block small visitors; it’ll also help keep heat within your home’s walls.

Keep food in hard, sealed containers

Store all human and pet food in hard, airtight containers. Mice can climb and jump to reach items placed up high. Be meticulous with your floors and countertops. Make a habit of cleaning underneath large appliances, especially your fridge and stove. Don’t neglect pet food unless you want mice to join your family.

Inspect hiding spots

One person’s treasure can be another person’s clutter. To rodents, treasures and clutter all make fine hiding places. No need to do a purge, but a little organization can make your living space less pest friendly. First, remove the items you no longer need, then store the stuff you want to keep on elevated shelving. Keep laundry in designated containers and avoid stacking boxes together in clusters.

Pay attention to wood burners

Your chimney is an open door to rodents. However, that’s not the only risk your wood burner presents. Your woodpile gives critters a cozy place to hang out; it’s best to store your wood at some distance from your house and at least 45 centimetres off the ground. A chimney cap will keep out rodent trespassers; it also guards against the elements.

Eliminate the pests already inside

Many creatures that came inside during the summer may be lurking unnoticed. Keep in mind there’s no single season for pest invasions. Rodents and cockroaches can enter your home at any time of year, as can some types of ants. A pest management professional can locate and remove any potential problems, whatever the time of year.

Pest control experts in Western Canada

Poulin’s Pest Control can inspect your property to ensure its pest-free throughout the cold, cozy months. We provide effective pest control and sell commercial pest management products to residential and commercial clients across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

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