How To Use The Cluster Buster

The cluster buster is a fast-acting, long-lasting trap that uses the fly’s natural behavior and an eco-friendly powder made from egg shells to quickly capture these annoying flies. Place one trap in the lower corner of each window where you see flies. As the cluster fly buzzes around the interior of the window, the flies may think the opening on the cluster buster is an opening to the outside. The trap is also known to work by the fly repeatedly hit the window pane causing it to drop downward, directly into the trap.

Once inside the trap the flies sink into the egg shell powder and are quickly buried. For best results, place one trap in each window where you see cluster flies. Each trap holds up to 1,000 flies and is effective for up to two years in the average household.

The L:9-¾” x H:3” x D:1-¾” trap mounts to the lower corner of an indoor window using a removable peel-and-stick adhesive strip.

how to use the cluster buster

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