Test Your Knowledge: Larder Beetle Quiz

larder beetle - cropped

We created this Larder Beetle quiz for you to test your knowledge! Can you beat the Larder Beetles? Check your answers with the answer key posted below. Larder Beetles are all black in colour. True False Females lay about 100 eggs only in cracks and crevices. True False Pet food is a common breeding site … Read more

Ask The Expert: Do Ladybugs Bite?

asian ladybird beetle

We receive a lot of calls in the fall from people concerned about ladybugs taking over their homes and biting their family members. Ladybugs do not bite! If you are being bitten by an insect that looks like a ladybug, it’s actually an Asian ladybird beetle. Ladybugs, at this time of year, are already likely … Read more