3 ways to kill cockroaches in your home

If you’ve seen a cockroach scurry across your floor, you know the urgent need to get rid of it immediately. A pest management professional can provide a targeted solution. But there are some roach solutions you can use on your own. Here are three of them, plus some tips for preventing their return.

Commercial roach solutions

These commercial cockroach solutions are readily available and effective under varying conditions.

  1. Glue strips. These sticky traps won’t effectively exterminate a large infestation, but they’re an excellent place to start. If you spot a roach in your house, glue strips can help you quickly capture cockroaches to determine harbourages and the severity of the problem. Some even keep them housed out of sight, allowing you cringe-free disposal.
  1. Gel bait. This product kills roaches by ingestion of the poison. Use a syringe to inject the gel into hard-to-reach spots, targeting areas with high roach traffic. Place small dots of gel in many areas like cracks, corners, mouldings, and cabinets. This approach works best on minor roach problems.
  1. Insecticides. Various pesticide solutions are available to control cockroaches. These include residual sprays for cracks and crevices, and insecticidal dusts for hidden, undisturbed locations. Always follow the instructions on the label.

Roach-proof your home

The key to eliminating roaches is to make your home less appealing. That means removing access to food, water, and shelter.

  • Remove all food sources. Store food in the fridge or sealed containers, and keep your house clean of crumbs and other food traces. Roaches are also happy to feast on toothpaste, soap, and hair. You may want to get a little extra finicky with your storage and cleaning practices for maximum protection.
  • Do a water check on your entire house. Identify areas that are prone to humidity and condensation and take steps to eliminate dampness. Fix leaking pipes and faucets and repair cracks in your house’s structure. Cover all sources of water such as drains.
  • Remove potential shelters. Cockroaches like to hang out in dark places, so eliminate unnecessary hiding places. Rid your house of needless items like stacks of newspapers, unused boxes, and other clutter.

One strategy alone won’t be enough to eradicate cockroaches from your home. However, employing these approaches together will reduce your home’s roach appeal. For best results, call a professional.

Cockroach control across Western Canada

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