Red Deer Pest Control Services

Red Deer residents are no strangers to pests. Whether mice are nesting in your basement, cockroaches have holed up in your pantry, or bed bugs are invading your bedroom, Poulin’s Pest Control can help. We provide effective pest control services using the latest pest control products. We follow an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to rid your place of pests and prevent them from returning. Call us at [insert phone number] for more information.

Our services

At Poulin’s Pest Control in Red Deer, we have access to the most advanced technology in the pest control industry. We provide our residential and commercial clients with superior-quality pest management services, including:

  • Mice and rat control. Although they may look cute and cuddly, mice and rats can damage your property and carry harmful diseases. If rodents are calling your property home, Poulin’s Pest Control can help you eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand.
  • Cockroach control. Ifcockroachesare giving you the creepy crawlies, reach out to Poulin’s Pest Control. We carry various control products such as gel baits and residual sprays. If the problem is beyond your control, our skilled team can exterminate the pests.
  • Bed bug control. Are bed bugs keeping you up at night? Don’t let these pests take over your life. At Poulin’s Pest Control, we can use canine scent detection to get to the root of the problem and perform treatments to rid your property of bed bugs for good.
  • Bird removal. Nuisance birds, like pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and magpies, are all too common in Red Deer. The good news is we carry various deterrents and services to prevent birds from damaging your property.
  • Ant control. Did you know that certain species of ants can damage the structure of your home, spread disease, and inflict painful stings? Talk about small but mighty! If ants have taken over your home or business, Poulin’s Pest Control carries various ant control products and offers comprehensive pest control services.
  • Wasp control. If you’re fighting a losing battle against wasps, Poulin’s Pest Control can help. We offer professional services to rid your property of wasps.

We also offer pest control services for various biting and stinging bugs, including flies, spiders, wasps, and mosquitoes.

Pest control services in Red Deer

If pests are driving you up the wall, Poulin’s Pest Control in Red Deer has a solution. We have the tools, products, and expertise to eliminate any insect or rodent infestation once and for all. We focus on non-chemical treatments and use pesticides that don’t harm the environment. Call us today at [insert phone number] to request an estimate.

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