Are German cockroaches indestructible?

If you’re trying to eradicate cockroaches from your home or business, it may seem as though these creepy crawlies are indestructible. Although they’re highly adaptable, cockroaches do have vulnerabilities. Here’s an overview of what you need to know.

Cockroach facts

Here are some reasons why it may seem like cockroaches are immortal.

1. They breed quickly. German cockroaches complete a life cycle in about three months. They reproduce repeatedly as adults, with the females able to produce an ootheca (egg case) containing 20-50 eggs almost every month.

2. They can’t be easily crushed. Cockroaches can support many times their weight. Therefore, lightly stepping on them or swatting them won’t cut it.

3. They’re fast. They can move at speeds that make them difficult to catch.

4. They can live without their head. German cockroaches can live for a whole week without a head. They have an open circulatory system and breathe through tiny holes in each body segment.

5. They can hide in hard-to-reach areas. Cockroaches are flat and can escape into places you can’t easily access such as into walls and appliances.

6. They can resist certain pesticides. Like many pests, cockroaches are slowly becoming resistant to certain chemical insecticides.

There are thousands of cockroach species throughout the world. However, the most common species found in Canada is the German cockroach. Taking the proper steps will ensure you keep these nasty pests out of your life.

How to get rid of German cockroaches

The best way to manage cockroaches in your home or business is to eliminate food, water, and harbourage sites. You can do this by keeping the building clean and clutter-free. Remember to promptly clean dirty dishes, store food in containers with a lid, wipe up spills and crumbs, and vacuum the floor regularly. Roaches also love garbage, so take the trash out often and keep all garbage cans tightly sealed.

You can also help prevent cockroaches from moving around or entering into your place as easily by sealing and caulking all entry points, including spaces around sinks and fixtures, baseboard moulding, and door frames. Roaches love damp environments, so fix leaky faucets and eliminate or cover areas with standing water.

Have cockroaches made their way into your home or business despite your best efforts? You can purchase various traps, sprays, and baits to help tackle the issue. Just make sure to always read and follow the label instructions.  

If the problem has gotten out of hand, Poulin’s Pest Control can help. We use the latest technology to eliminate cockroach infestations.

Professional cockroach control products and services in the Prairies

If your home or business is experiencing a cockroach infestation, look no further than Poulin’s Pest Control. Our skilled technicians have completed extensive training to provide safe and effective cockroach control services. Contact us today for more information and expert advice.

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