Test Your Knowledge: Larder Beetle Quiz

larder beetle - cropped

We created this Larder Beetle quiz for you to test your knowledge! Can you beat the Larder Beetles? Check your answers with the answer key posted below. Larder Beetles are all black in colour. True False Females lay about 100 eggs only in cracks and crevices. True False Pet food is a common breeding site … Read more

Ask The Expert: Do Bugs Live Through the Winter?

lady bug

QUESTION: I thought that bugs died in cold temperatures, can insects live through the winter season? ANSWER: Even though here in Canada we can experience some VERY cold temperatures in the winter, we know that bugs don’t all disappear forever—so where do they go? There are some bugs that overwinter, only to come to life … Read more

Ask The Expert: Where Do Bugs Go In Winter?

Cluster Fly

QUESTION: Where do bugs go in winter? ANSWER: Insects can adapt to survive many different climates and changes in weather conditions. Insects will go through behavioral and/or physiological changes to adapt to cold temperatures and increase their chances of survival during the winter. Many insects maintain a low level of activity during winter months while … Read more