Product Feature: SenSci Volcano

The SenSci Volcano is a bed bug trap which they crawl up and are captured inside. Once the bed bug enters the trap, they are not able to crawl out. The trap is designed to be used with the SenSci Active Bed Bug Lure. The lure mimics the chemical on the surface of the skin to attract bed bugs. The SenSci Bed Bug Lure is recommended to be replaced every 2 to 3 months. In determining bed bug activity, we have tried the SenSci Volcano monitor in a variety of different locations with very good results in capturing bed bugs.

Is the SenSci as effective as CO2 monitoring (dry ice) or canine scent detection?

All three options are effective and each option has its pros and cons. CO2 and canine scent detection only provide short term inspection results. The advantage of a SenSci Volcano monitor is the pheromones that can attract bed bugs for approximately 2 – 3 months, environmental conditions dependent.

Where is the ideal location for a SenSci Volcano?

SenSci Volcanos can be used in any type of sleeping areas (residential, hospital, commercial, or hospitality) where there is a bed bug concern or unexplained bites are present. The SenSci monitors should be placed on floors or in areas around beds, couches, lounging areas and sleeping areas.

How often do I check the SenSci for bed bugs?

After a SenSci Active Bed Bug Lure is opened, the volcano trap and lure should be inspected daily to weekly to monthly for bed bug activity. The lure should be replaced approximately every 2 – 3 months, depending on type of location or environmental conditions.

You can purchase the SenSci Volcano and lures on our online store! If you have any more questions about the SenSci Volcano and lures give our office a call or contact us through our online “What’s Bugging You” form. Our customer service representatives are here to answer your questions.

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