How To Catch A Mouse

Once house mice take up residence indoors, virtually any techniques used to control them are effective, including baited and un-baited snap-traps, windup multi-catch mouse traps, glueboards, and anticoagulant rodenticides. Their inquisitive nature makes them easy to catch. Often times, a rodent infestation is underestimated, so be sure to use a sufficient amount of devices for the job.

Rodent baits are an effective way to control rodent problems in your home. With specially designed, tamper-resistant bait stations, you can rest easy that children and pets will not consume or come in contact with any of the bait targeted for rodents. Poulin’s Pest Control also offers non-chemical control programs with the use of snap traps and multi catch traps when required.

The use of snap traps with peanut butter, chocolate syrup, or bacon grease as bait work well. Mice are known to have a sweet tooth and are attracted to strong scents. They also like bird seeds and nuts, cheese, and even pet food. Be sure to pre-bait snap traps for the best results.

Due to the risks of Hantavirus and other diseases that rodents often carry; dead rodents, their nests and droppings should be removed immediately by properly trained individuals.

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