Bed Bugs vs. Bat Bugs

Bat bugs and bed bugs can be very hard to distinguish between by looking at them. We created this infographic to help you spot the differences. Remember that if you suspect you have bed bugs or bat bugs the first thing you need to do is bring a sample of the bug to one of our 7 retail stores so that we can properly identify it.

Bed Bugs:

  • Mahogany / red-brown color
  • Oval, ¼ inch in size
  • Found worldwide
  • Feed on human blood (or any warm-blooded animal)
  • Shorter hair
  • Bed bugs stay near their human hosts. They can be found on mattresses, bedding, headboards, baseboards, couches, wall voids, etc.

Bat Bugs:

  • Beige or dark brown color
  • Oval, 3 – 5 mm in size
  • Found in Midwestern USA and Canada
  • Feed on bat blood
  • Longer hair
  • Bat bugs stay near their bat hosts. They can be found inside structures where bats have developed a colony – attics, chimneys, etc.

Please see the infographic below to note their differences.

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