How To Stay Rodent Free This Fall

At Poulin’s pest control, we take no issue with mice out there in the wild. But we don’t like it when they come into our client’s homes.

As the summer fades away and temperatures begin to drop, the rodent population is also thinking “Where shall I overwinter?”.

Where are they thinking is in your house, shed, garage or under your deck. Any location that provides protection and bedding materials can be a site for rodent numbers to increase over the winter months. A hole the size of your finger is all they need to squeeze through to get into your house and cause damage and smells.

It is important to rodent proof your house to prevent rodents from entering. Call or contact Poulin’s to provide you the rodent control advice, tools and traps to help eliminate rodents from your home. Our Pest Management Professionals have the best training in the business, and we are here to solve your pest problems.

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