Bed Bugs in The Workplace: Employee Belongings

Bed bugs in the workplace are an extreme challenge. The first thing to keep in mind when dealing with bed bugs is that you need to know how the bed bugs got into the office. In office buildings bed bugs are typically brought in by staff, items carried by staff and contractors or cleaning staff. To control bed bugs in the workplace it is necessary to address the problem with employees.

The first step in any bed bug pest control program is to ensure that the sample is positively identified. Assuming the sample has been positively identified as a bed bug, follow the tips below to help control the spread of bed bugs among office staff.

  1. Jacket hanger bags to be used to encase employee jackets to prevent the possible transfer of bed bugs from one jacket to another.
  2. Individual plastic containers with seal-able lids to be provided for employee personal belongings (e.g., bag, purse, backpack, etc.) to prevent bed bug introduction into the building (if security of containers is a concern, lockable tubs are available).
  3. Limited belongings allowed at workstations. E.g., bags, sweaters, books, picture frames, etc.
  4. Removal of individual employee lockers that may allow the transfer of bed bugs from one locker to another unhindered.
  5. Distribute Poulin’s Pest Control’s bed bug information to all employees and maintenance teams, ensuring proper bed bug protocol and knowledge is in the hands of the employees most at risk of bed bug exposure. This proactive step will alleviate many of the concerns that come from bed bug discoveries in the workplace. Knowledge will empower employees to be vigilant in identifying the signs of bed bug activity, lessening the chances of taking bed bugs into their homes and back into the workplace.

You will never control bed bugs in the workplace if you do not address employee belongings. Please contact Poulin’s for further bed bug information and please do not self-treat. You will likely cause more of a problem by spreading the bed bugs out even further around your office.

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