Dealing With Bed Bugs

First and foremost, discard the notion that a bedbug infestation is dependent on the sanitary conditions of your house. That couldn’t be further from the truth; your house can never be too clean for bed bugs. Bed bugs are ardent travelers; they are readily transported on luggage, clothing, furniture, bedding, household pets, etc. Public places especially hotel rooms are bed bug havens, and they can hitchhike from there to your home. Bed bugs come from different places, and at the end, a bug infestation is not a reflection of housekeeping skills.

Bed bugs are not your regular pest. These creepy blood-sucking parasites are capable of multiplying at an alarming rate; one fertile female bug can lay close to 500 eggs in the course of its lifetime. These eggs are the size of a speck of dust and once reproduction begins an infestation is not far behind. If not eliminated quickly, bed bugs can and will infest every corner of your house. Their tiny bodies allow them to squeeze into tiny crevices in furniture, mattresses, cracks in walls and other spaces fit for hiding. While bed bugs do not pose as a major health threat as they are incapable of transmitting diseases, their bites leave red, itchy spots that are bound to reduce the quality and quantity of sleep you get.

Watch for The Signs When Dealing with Bed Bugs

The first step to tackling a bed bug infestation is to determine if you actually have a bed bug infestation. Signs of a bed bug infestation in the home include:

  • Unexplained bug bites on the skin
  • Blood stains on bedding
  • Red/rusty stains indicating crushed bed bugs
  • Small black and brown small droppings of bed bug excrements
  • Eggshells caused by shedding of skin
  • Live bed bug sightings

Bed bugs are a nuisance and getting rid these tiny pests should be a top priority once you identify an infestation. Bed bug extermination can be very difficult; however, it can be done with the help of professional exterminators. Never try to get rid of bed bugs without consulting with a professional pest control company. Bed bug numbers can grow rapidly and a small infestation can turn into a large infestation in a short amount of time.

If you suspect that these pests have made their way into your home or business, contact one of our offices nearest you. Poulin’s is a family-owned & run business that provides that in-depth and personal “one-on-one” service you are looking for. At Poulin’s, we strive to ensure that you are receiving the absolute best service possible by our expertly trained pest management technicians and that will also extend our family values to exceed your expectations.

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