15 Fun Rat Facts

To celebrate 2020 being the Chinese year of the rat, we will be posting one blog per month dedicated to rats! Here is May’s blog post, ’15 Fun Rat Facts.’

  1. Rats can have as many as 20 babies at a time.
  2. The Norway Rat did not originate in Norway.
  3. Rats destroy about 20% of agricultural products worldwide each year.
  4. Rats have an incredibly strong sense of smell.
  5. Antarctica is the only continent uninhabited by rats.
  6. Rats have such good sense of smell; they have been used to detect landmines and diagnose diseases such as tuberculosis.
  7. When Pixar created the 2007 film Ratatouille, the animators kept rats in their offices to bring their likeness to life with greater accuracy.
  8. Some female rats can go into heat as quickly as 10-24 hours after giving birth.
  9. Rats’ tails help them balance and communicate with each other, and also help regulate body temperature.
  10. Rats don’t sweat, but they regulate their temperature by constricting or expanding blood vessels in their tails.
  11. A rat can fall as far as 50 feet without being injured.
  12. The tooth enamel of rats is said to be stronger than steel.
  13. Rats are color blind and have very poor eyesight.
  14. Alberta is the largest inhabited area known to be completely free of rats.
  15. The rat is the first of the 12 years of the Chinese Zodiac.
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